United Employment Services provides our customers with a trustworthy partner that unites with Foreign Domestic Workers to enhance the home and family life.

We specialise in premium one-stop maid employment home services that enables you to hire a maid In the comfort of your homes.

United Employment Services Private Limited is a premium domestic solution provider. We ensure customers' needs are our top priority and committed to be a holistic and excellent service provider to our customers, while we endeavour to broaden the skills, abilities and dedications of our Foreign Domestic Worker.

Our company's "United" philosophy emphasizes on active listening and understanding to the needs of both our customers and FDW. We perceive a healthy and enduring relationship to be vital between the employers and their maids for a harmonious and pleasant home.

Since 1999, United Employment & Services Pte Ltd has been dedicated to provide personalised Employment Agencies' services to our customers. We pride ourselves especially on premium home services where we go an extra mile to earn our customers' satisfaction and loyalty.

We focus on having the knowledge and expertise to facilitate a professional working experience that both employers and Foreign domestic workers or foreign workers can confidently trust.

With more than 15 years of experience, most of our customers are working adults and often have very little time to find a suitable domestic helper candidate. Through our convenient, personalised and time-saving door-to-door services, customers will have more opportunities to find the ideal domestic helpers for their homes and family.

We also acknowledge that maids are suppose to be helpers rather than problem makers. Hence we ensure our maids are well-trained to work efficiently when you bring them home.