Are you aware of Singapore's Employment Laws?

  • Maximum Offences Under the Employment Agency Act
  • Maximum Offences Under the Employment Act
  • Maximum Offences Under the EFMA (Employment of Foreign Manpower Act)

Hence it is important to engage a license Employment agency and licensed agent who will then ensure adherence to the legitimate processes of handling the employment of Foreign Domestic Workers in Singapore to prevent breaching the laws.

General Guidelines On Finding The Ideal Maid

1. Determining household needs

  • Before looking for a maid, determine the household needs and demands would help decide the type of maid to hire
  • What are the precise job duties of the maid?
  • What is the focus of the maid? Household chores? Take care of children or elderly?
  • Does the maid require special requirements eg. speak a specific dialect, or have experience taking care of elderly?
  • Are there special situation and requirements with the maid agencies, and they will advise you on the type of maid (New/Experienced/Transfer, Filipino/Indonesian/Burmese, etc) needed.

2. Finding the right type of maid that best suit your needs. See type of maids for different needs

3. Interviewing the maids

  • During your interview with the maids, list down your priorities and take note of their responses, and decide if they suit your needs. Be as specific as you can so that they know exactly what is required of them.

4. The final decision

  • After a number of interviews with different maids, you would probably have one or two you prefer. Allow both parties (maid and you) the time an opportunity to raise any concerns and then consider carefully, before making your final decision. Once you have decided, inform the maid agency and they will assist you in the necessary paperwork.

Finding the right type of FDW to suit your Needs:

New Maids

  • Lower Salary
  • Lower Expectations
  • More Docile
  • Inexperience
  • May need more training and patience
  • May not be fluent in English
  • Longer processing time
  • Only have telephone or video-call interview
Your needs

Not in a hurry to get a maid. Prefer more to train your maid to do the chores or take care of a baby according to your methods. These maids are worth considering.

Experienced Maids

  • Have prior experience either Singapore or other countries, experienced maids Generally more independent
  • Likely to have some form of experience in cleaning or cooking or taking care of children and the elderly
  • Need little training and guiding
  • May have higher salaries
  • Not very common
  • May not be fluent in English depending on where work was previously
Your needs

If prefer maid that can start work without much guiding these maids will suit your needs better.

Transfer Maids

  • Working experience in Singapore
  • More likely to be well adapted to Singapore Less likely to have communication problems
  • Some may even be able to speak Mandarin and dialects
  • Clients can interview them personally
  • Transfer maids are maids that transferred out from their previous employers in Singapore, due to various reasons e.g. employer's children have grown up and they no longer needs a maid
  • May have higher salary
Your needs

If you need a maid urgently, these maids will be your first choice.